End live baiting of greyhounds in NSW

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Scenes of live piglets, possums and rabbits being fixed to mechanical lures before being chased and mauled to death by dogs have shocked the NSW Community.

The practice, known as “live baiting” or “blooding”, is the inhumane use of living animals as bait to train greyhounds in the greyhound racing industry. It is a practice which has been banned and criminalised for decades - but it is clear that the practice is still alive and well.

Stronger measures to stamp out this kind of behaviour are clearly needed.

Luke Foley and an elected NSW Government will ensure that anyone convicted of live-baiting will be banned from the sport of greyhound racing for life.

We also recommend that section 21 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 include “kennels” - ensuring that accusations of live baiting can be properly investigated by independent authorities.

After hearing concerns, this recommendation was put to the NSW Liberals last year - but the change is yet to be made. The NSW Liberals also rejected our recommendation to investigate the number of litters a breeding dog should be allowed to have.

We cannot afford to sit silent on this. Add your name today to support immediate and real action.

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