Say Yes To Equitable Education

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Your post code should never dictate your access to quality public education. 

Labor has always been at the forefront of a progressive and open public education system. Tony Abbott's green paper has proposed "Ending federal funding for public schools [which] would leave the states $2 billion a year worse off and kill off the Gonski Review's national needs-based, sector-blind funding model for schools." [1]

Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott's want to means test schools forcing some parents to pay "$1,000 a year [fee] to send... children to public schools.". Pyne and Abbott think that parents should pick up the slack of their unfair cuts to schools.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne wants to remove $15 billion from education, and lump all of the responsibility onto the states. 

The Labor Party and the people of Australia have fought long and hard to ensure that education remains equitable and accessible to all. Funding should always be allocated on the basis of needs rather than the ideological stance of Mr Abbott and Mr Pyne. 

[1] Sydney Morning Herald, 22nd June 2015 

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