Say no to a GST increase

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There is nothing good about a regressive tax that places the greatest burden on those who can least afford it.

Mike Baird has proposed a 50% increase to the GST, a tax that already has a disproportionate impact on the people who can afford it least.

After billions of federal funding cuts to our health and education systems, why should the people of NSW be slugged with an unfair tax to pick up the slack?

"The real motivation of the Liberals is on display here: while Mike Baird is out there selling the idea of a bump up in the GST, Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are planning a cut in income tax. It’s a regressive tax rise to replace a cut to a progressive tax." 
-Luke Foley

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Show Tony Abbott and Mike Baird that the people of NSW won't be conned into raising an unfair and inequitable tax.

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