Protect Tafe for Goulburn


Mike Baird and Adrian Piccoli have ripped money from the NSW TAFEs, forcing them to either raise the cost of their courses or cut down the amount of places. Add your name today to send a message to Adrian Piccoli that all NSW Communities need access to affordable and high quality TAFE courses.

TAFE is a gateway for people young and old into some of the most important and valued jobs in NSW. Many people in Goulburn rely on the Illawarra Institute to gain new skills as well as re-train to re-enter the workforce.

Working with over 500,000 students a year, TAFE makes sure we learn the skills we need to make our state stronger - from nurses and mechanics through to early childhood educators and chefs. A good TAFE system means opportunity for our kids, opportunity for us when we want to change jobs, and opportunity in those times that we’re forced to change jobs through redundancy.

Over the past three years, the NSW Coalition Government has continued to drive TAFE funding into the ground. Mike Baird and the Liberals and Nationals voted to support massive cuts to TAFE earlier this year - forcing fees to rise dramatically from January 2015. This means apprentices will have to pay up to $2,000 a course. 40% of students will be paying between $500 and $1500 extra for a course. These cuts are outrageous, and will severely reduce training opportunities in all of our communities.

We need to let the Liberals and Nationals know that the whole community supports TAFE - and call on them to reverse their foolish TAFE funding decisions. In regional areas like Goulburn, TAFE is an essential part of the community and economy -- there is just too much at stake for regional and rural voters.

Add your name today to send a message to Education Minister Adrian Piccoli and Member for Goulburn, Pru Goward, that all NSW communities need access to affordable and high quality TAFE courses. This is especially true in regional areas where there often just aren't any other opportuities.

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Authorised by NSW Labor 9/377 Sussex St, SYDNEY
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