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Mike Baird plans to sell off our electricity network in NSW. 

There is only one electricity network, and private companies know it. Whoever buys this will be buying a monopoly. After the sale, the new commercial operators will do what every commercial business does - tries to generate a profit. Meaning our electricity will end up costing more and more. Recent analysis predicts that prices will rise more than $100 per year for the average household.

Just like water - we can't live without electricity. It's an essential service. Governments have traditionally run electricity networks because it's in the public interest to provide affordable, accessible and reliable electricity. That's not what private, commercial companies do. They chase the maximum profit on the lowest investment. 

In Victoria and South Australia, where the network is privatised, 71 percent of South Australians and 66 per cent of Victorians think they are worse off. The billionaire who bought South Australia’s power network now makes $420 profit from every household, every year.

Crucially - if we sell our electricity network, our hospitals and schools will be left behind. Right now, dividends that are generated by our public electricity network are used by the government to invest in the future. But after the sale, our schools and hospitals will lose that stable, ongoing investment with the dividends flowing to private companies.

We need to take action and stand up against the sale of our electricity network. Sign the petition today and help us send the NSW Liberals and Nationals a message.

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